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Fall is the Perfect Time to Update your Pool! : Ask the Landscape Guy

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Fall is the Perfect Time to Update your Pool!

by Tim Sanford on 10/02/13

With this one last blast of warm weather, are you thinking back on the summer and asking yourself if you got the most out of your pool?  If you find yourself saying "no", then let us help you make a change this fall.  Simply updating an old pool deck can completely change the look of your landscape. 


Many customers are choosing to replace existing, outdated pool decks with more natural products - bluestone, travertine, brick pavers, and architectural slabs - that add a sophisticated style to their overall landscape. 


The pool deck conversion process is fairly simple and you DON'T always have to remove the existing concrete deck.  In many cases, we actually lay the new materials directly over the existing concrete.  Depending upon which material you choose to use, we can either dry lay the material with sand or use a mortared joint.  Any type of pool - liner, fiberglass or gunite  - is a candidate for this conversion and in many cases we can still use the existing pool coping.  Plus it is a quick process; it only takes a week to 10 days to overlay an existing pool deck depending on the size.

Fall is the perfect time to make a change and prepare for next summer's fun.  Here are a few different pool deck materials to consider:   

  • Bluestone or Flagstone - One of my favorite natural materials to use around pools.  Bluestone gives the pool a touch of elegance and sophistication.  I would use a random pattern with rectangular and square stones and use a grout that will compliment the color hues of your home (tan, white, grey).  Bluestone is also surprisingly cool to the touch too.   I would stay away bluestones cousin, slate, it gets very hot under your feet and will be unbearable in the Virginia sun.  

  • Travertine - Another natural stone that I am using more and more around pools.  This is a great natural material that comes in several colors and sizes (with matching coping).  You can dry lay an irregular pattern with this stone.  One word of caution - be sure to get a travertine for outdoor use, this will make it less slippery around the pool edge.  I know everyone thinks travertine can be slick, but it actually absorbs the water and makes the stone more coarse so that you don't slip.

  • Concrete Pavers - One of the most economical pool decking materials is the paver.  Pavers come in a variety of colors, sizes and can be laid in many different patterns (with matching coping).  You will want to find something that compliments the style and color palate of your home and matches the other hardscaping already present in your landscape.  The best part about pavers is they don’t crack!


  • Brick - I think brick gives a pool a very sophisticated, old world look.  Similar to the paver, brick comes in several colors, but only one size.  These can be dry laid with sand in the joints or laid with mortar, whatever your preference.  One caution when using brick - make sure you choose one with a smooth finish, some brick can be rough to the touch - not good for tender feet. 

  • Slab Paver - Slab pavers are similar to concrete pavers, but are much bigger and give the appearance of bluestone.  They are still dry laid with swept sand in the joints, but they look more like bluestone than a paver.  If you love the look of Bluestone, but don’t like the price, this may be an option.   

Tell us how we can help you transform your outdated pool! 





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