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Looking for a Little Shade this Summer - Here are Two Great Options

by Tim Sanford on 06/01/11

This weekend I sat at my farm under the shade of my Red Maple tree and thought about all the great times we have had under the shade of this tree.  And to think over the years when I was growing up, I chopped this tree down many times, and it always came back.  Now I am glad to have it shading my house and friends on hot, sunny summer days.   

As the summer heat wears on, you may start to notice areas of your yard that could use some shade - an area where the children play or where you tend to gather with friends and family.  There are two great options for shading those areas.  If you need a quick fix build a pergola, but if you have a little time, plant a tree. 

Pergolas can create a great shade structure for a sunny spot on a patio or porch. patio and pergola They can be built quickly and will add to your enjoyment of your backyard.  For more information on how to build your own pergola, take a look at our blog with step-by-step instructions on building a pergoala.

If you want to add natural beauty to your yard, trees are a great, inexpensive way to provide natural shade and color.  Plant one of these great trees in Virginia:

Red Maple - 'Red Sunset' or 'October Glory'

The Red Maple tree is a deciduous tree that will often grow to between 40 and 60 feet tall. The leaves are shiny green and turn a beautiful deep red color in the fall (as the name would suggest). 

Sugar Maple TreeSugar Maple - 'Legacy'

The Sugar Maple is a deciduous tree reaching heights of 80 to 115 feet tall.  The Sugar Maple produces spectacular fall color - ranging from bright yellow through orange to beautiful red-orange.

Ash - 'Summit'

The 'Summit' Ash is an upright tree reaching 45 feet in height by 25 feet in width. It produces glossy, dark green leaves and the foliage turns a striking shade of yellow in fall.

Golden Raintree

The Golden Raintree is a smaller deciduous tree reaching only 30 feet tall.  The tree produces yellow flowers and green seed pods in the summer, then leaves turn a beautiful yellow in the fall.

Willow Oak TreeWillow Oak

Is a medium-sized deciduous tree growing from 60 to 80 feet tall.  This tree has long willow-like leaves that are green in the summer and turn yellow-orange in the fall.  This tree produces acorns and is a great food producer for wildlife. 

Pin Oak

This is another medium-sized oak that grows from 60 to 70 feet tall.  The pin Oak also produces acorns and turns a beautiful orange-red in the fall.

Zelkova Serrata - 'Green Vase' 

This is a medium sized deciduous tree usually growing to 60 feet tall. This tree has a short trunk dividing into many upright, spreading stems that form a broad, round topped head. The tree grows rapidly when it is young and slows as it matures.  This is a great climbing tree.

If you need large shade trees for open spaces take a look at one of these: London Plane Tree or Sycamore, White Oak, or Tulip Poplar.

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